MyMobileMarketingTM was founded by two brothers, Dave and Doug Vass, who were born in Alberta, Canada. Dave and Doug see mobile marketing as a real solution for local business owners across Canada who want a higher ROI.

Both Dave and Doug have an extensive background in marketing and MyMobileMarketingTM was born out of a desire to help business owners take advantage of the new era of marketing - text message marketing. MyMobileMarketingTM is founded on the principles of trust, integrity, and innovation.

Both Dave and Doug believe that MyMobileMarketingTM offers the most robust, flexible platform on the market when it comes to mobile marketing.

Mission Statement: To help local business owners in Canada achieve a higher ROI in all marketing campaigns by providing them with an innovative mobile marketing platform and teaching them how to integrate it with their current business.

Vision Statement: To be the #1 mobile marketing provider in Canada by staying true to our principles of trust, integrity, and innovation. When a business owner wants a mobile solution, MyMobileMarketingTM will be first to mind.

You can contact Dave at 1-800-805-7031 or Doug at 403-870-0867.

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