There are over 4.8 billion mobile users worldwide and only 1.3 billion Internet users. It's obvious that more and more people are accessing websites through their cell phones... but do you have a mobile friendly website?

Most businesses do NOT have a mobile version of their website and as a result they are really hurting their ROI. If a mobile user cannot find what they are looking for within a few minutes then they will leave.

The good news is that MyMobileMarketing offers you a platform that allows you to build custom mobile websites. And the best part is that it is INCLUDED when you purchase any MyMobileMarketing package (see Pricing page for more details).

Of course, you may not be very good at designing sites... so you can hire one of our designers that we provide to build you a professional looking mobile website based off your current brand and image.

Remember, a mobile website does NOT replace your existing website. It is a website that looks and feels like your normal website but only has the essentials and is easy to navigate.

Here's an example of what a mobile website might look like:

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