Want To Start Your Own Mobile Marketing Business?

“Take Our Platform And Technology And Completely Re-Brand It So That It Is 100% Yours”

Just Imagine …
You are able to tap into one of the greatest trends in the history of marketing (mobile marketing) and capitalize on it by offering your very own text message marketing software.

Imagine being able to offer all our products (i.e. Text Reminder System, Coupons, Alerts, Polls, Surveys, Mobile Webpage Builder, etc.) to local businesses and charge them whatever you want – you set the price!

How’s this possible?

Simple.  We offer a white label solution whereby you are able to totally re-brand our software and market it through your own company.

You do NOT have to invest a million dollars in developing  sms marketing software.  We’ve already done all the hard work.  As a reseller you get instant access to all our technology and you’ll be set up within days.

The best part is we’ve priced the white label solution very reasonably so that you can start making a profit right away by simply going out and acquiring a few clients.

Our goal is to help you take advantage of the mobile trend and give you the ability to monetize on it.

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We offer a white label solution in both Canada and the U.S.
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